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Flarepaw TGL |Lightclan Med. Cat Apprentice by cuddlef1sh Flarepaw TGL |Lightclan Med. Cat Apprentice by cuddlef1sh
Why yes...I did re-do the art for her app again.

And I'm finally happy with it. She looks fluffy but not....silky.


Occasionally, I realize how big she's going to be if she's only 11 moons old and not done growing yet. Seriously, Flarepaw's a big kitty.


NAME: Flarekit| Flarepaw | Flarestorm

Flare-: For her dark ginger coat and it's resemblence to a fire
-Paw: For her apprentice rank
-storm:For her emotional, intense and sometimes unpredictable personality and reactions.

AGE: 11+ Moons

GENDER: Female

CLAN: Lightclan

RANK: Medicine Cat Apprentice

Mentor: Calmtwig

BREED: Norwegian Forest Cat x Maine Coon

PERSONALITY: |Emotional|Passionate| Social| Brash | Requires Lots of Stimulation| Leader

|Emotional: showing or revealing very strong emotions

Flarepaw is, and always has been, a cat of very high highs and very low lows, and very rarely any calm stints. She's always feeling one way or another, and changes between the two are easily triggered and occasionally unpredictable. Not to say that she's a problem; she's very good at her job because she's so into it, and she keeps everyone on their toes, so life in Airclan will never be boring as long as she's around. It does drive some cats a little crazy sometimes, and not everyone likes how quickly things change for her, but she can be funny when she wants to be, and has a flair for the dramatic. she's an open book, never was very good at hiding her feelings, and though she tired to do it once when she was very young, she found the futility in that very quickly and so she just lets everything show. She's not afraid of what some might think; there's no point in hiding.

|Passionate: having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling; fervid

From the moment she opened her eyes to this very day, Flarepaw has been a cat who throws herself into given tasks with every fiber of her being, from the tip of her nose to the very last silky hair on the tip of her tail. Her eyes light up whenever she talks about something she'd interested in, especially her future job as the clan's medicine cat (though she can wait a while for the full responsibility; she quite likes her mentor), and she stands up a little straighter. and though she's a bit squeamish around really bad wounds, she's so deeply rooted into her role that she'll just buck up, swallow her fears for the time being, and do it, though she might go find a quiet spot to calm down in afterwards. she's a cat ruled primarily by her emotions, and so she needs a steady, level head by her side to make sure she doesn't make the wrong choices, but she thinks she's a competent enough healer so far. After all, most everyone's alive and not horrible scarred, and she'll mellow out eventually.

|Social: seeking or enjoying the companionship of others; friendly; sociable; gregarious.

It'd be a right shame for Flarepaw to not be a social cat. All that energy with nowhere to go would probably be catastrophic to someone's well-being, namely hers. She loves to make friends and will talk to just about anyone, from elders to kits and cats from other clans, and she doesn't mind listening to them. They can complain, or tell her far-fetched stories, or just come looking for advice-not that hers is the best they can get, but she tries when someone does ask-and will chatter animatedly with patients to keep their minds off of the pain or the discomfort. They might not be able to answer back all the time, but sometimes just hearing someone's voice helps. The idea of fighting any of her friends-because she makes them quickly-is a fear of hers, and so she's glad that she might not have to do it, except in drastic situations. But she makes an excellent fighter-she just never wants to have to put it into practice, but she could defend herself if the need came.

|Brash: energetic or highly spirited, especially in an irreverent way; zesty

In terms of personality and emotion, Flarepaw's on a roller coaster, but that's not where it stops. she's also full of physical energy and verve, always spirited and ready to go even when she's down in the dumps. She's the cat who instead of moping around right away when she feels terrible, she throws herself into work until it seems like that isn't going to work or until she's too tired to do anything productive and is okay with curling up in the dark crevices of a den and sulking. Sometimes she doesn't always listen well, and she's not always the most respectful because she doesn't have much of a filter, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

|Requires lots of Stimulation: [stimulate] to rouse to action or effort, as by encouragement or pressure; spur on; incite

If Flarepaw isn't given something to do, she will seek it out. she hates being bored, hates not feeling something, and she'll do what she can to get it. She just wants to feel something, and hates when her emotions plateu. Being calm, actually is something she doesn't like to be, and the state of it doesn't last very long before she's getting twitchy and rushing off to get something done, to bring her emotions back up, though they end up going down just as much as they do going up, and she will beg for a task to do. not to mention, she loves to learn, so she gets a lot done. Maybe her mellowing out while she's still learning the vast majority of the information she needs to know to do her job well isn't a good idea. A Mellow Flarepaw isn't going to be quite as desperate to do things as the Flarepaw she is now.

|Leader: a guiding or directing head [This trait will develop as she ages and mellows out more

Right now, in one of the highest points of her youth, Flarepaw is not a leader. For the sake of just about everyone, she's still a follower, because if Flarepaw was left in charge of anything now, she'd end up getting ahead of herself majorly and something or someone wouldn't benefit from it at all. But once she's older, and has reached a point where her emotions are still high but not as extremely so, she'll be a bit more level-headed and her do-everything personality will become more of a take-charge personality. She will gets things done, maybe even more so than what she tries to do now. She needs the time to mature, though.


All her life, Firefoot had wanted at least one kit to call her own. All of her littermates had started families of their own not long after getting their warrior names, and while they all had kits underfoot, she had none. No one seemed to be available, not even for a little fling just to produce a kit. She didn't need a mate, didn't think anyone would want to stick around with a too-proud she cat who was not only a brilliant hunter but could lay claim to a brilliant mind, and so it seemed she had reached a wall that even she wouldn't be able to get over. Not that she'd been ready to give up-no, Firefoot was not the sort of cat who gave up on things that easily-but she'd stopped actively searching for anyone at all. She had been hunting when Bear had barreled into her, both of them chasing after the same piece of prey but coming from different directions. They rolled, in a heap of tangled limbs and fur, until settling at the bottom of a steep slope. Prey forgotten, they both argued with each other until they were sufficiently untangled, and then got a better look at each other.

Like her, Bear was quite a large cat, and sporting a thick muddy-brown coat riddled with stripes, and luminous amber eyes, Firefoot had to say that he was handsome...and she was lonely. And after talking for a while, Firefoot summoned all her pride and bravery and asked Bear if he would, at the very least, father a litter of kits for her. He didn't have to have an active role in the life of their offspring if he didn't want to. She just needed his help so she could have a family of her own, whether he wanted a more active role or not. To her surprise-he was the sort that seemed like he'd need a seriously committed relationship before little ones came into the picture-he agreed, and so the deed was done.

And Bear was gone, off on his own way after Firefoot told him she'd gotten pregnant but told him she didn't want to introduce him as the father to the kit growing in her belly. As sweet as he was, she hadn't liked him that much, and he hadn't liked that information at all, and so they'd left each other on less than friendly terms. Firefoot never admitted to anyone that she'd had any kind of a relationship with a cat outside of the clan, and everyone just figured that it was better not to ask-moody as she was during her pregnancy, everyone thought it best to not irritate the mother with questions on the father, lest they risk injury or insult. Eventually, she gave birth to one little she-kit. Looking like a still-burning piece of wood, Firefoot named her daughter Flarekit and was more than thrilled when the only trait she seemed to have inherited from her father was her exceptionally thick, and kind of curly, coat and larger size....though Firefoot was in no means small herself. From that point onward, she was the most attentive and caring mother she could be without smothering her daughter, and made sure everyone knew how proud she was of her one and only kit.

Growing up without a father didn't have much of an impact on Flarepaw, as her mother more than made up for it, and she thinks she came out okay. After all, she had a network of aunts, uncles, cousins and the like growing up, to provide whatever influence her mother couldn't. Flarepaw had been all right with becoming a warrior until her mother had come into camp, beat up and broken down by a disgruntled loner (not her father, Firefoot promised her daughter. Bear had been long-gone for moons by then). Seeing her mother injured flipped a switch in Flarekit's brain, and she marched into the medicine cat's den not long after and demanded that she be named as the cat's apprentice. Okay, so she'd begged and pleaded a little, but it had been mostly demands. She couldn't stand seeing some cat hurt and not being able to help. It was too hard. And fighting was nasty business, anyway. Too complicated where, for some reason, herbs and healing weren't. She'd gotten her way, even if her presentation and begging had been less than professional.

She'd been training as much as she can for the past five moons or so, and has gotten to a point where not only does she feel comfortable treating cats, she thinks she can claim specific patients as her own. It's really just her mother, though. Flarepaw won't let anyone else get near Firefoot when the older cat is hurt or sick without putting up a fuss over it. She'll use her size for her benefit when it comes down to this, and isn't afraid to throw her weight around in a disagreement over her mother's care.


mother - Firefoot::Warrior
father - Bear::Loner
siblings -None

mentor - xxx


|credit to Whitelinxanimator500 for this set-up|
Looking for:
✔ Lasting Relationship
✘ Quick Fling

[Orientation]: Straight

She'd tell you she doesn't have one, but she'd want someone just as loud, passionate and intense as she is. Anyone else would be boring, even if she would constantly butt heads with a cat too similar to her.

Go big or go home...if she thinks anyone's even just a tiny bit boring, she won't want much to do with them in terms of relationships.

[ Attracted to Currently: ]

:bulletpurple:= Family
:bulletorange: = Apprentice
:bulletwhite:= Dead

:bulletblack: = Uncertainty
:bulletblue: = Acquaintance
:bulletblue::bulletblue:= Friend
:bulletgreen:= Good friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: = Best friend
:bulletpink: = Crush
:bulletpink::bulletpink:= (forming) Love
:heart:= Mate

:bulletred: = Discomfort/Dislike
:bulletred::bulletred: = Hate
:bulletyellow: = Fear

X = No longer feels this way.

| Extra Information |

:bulletblack: Long, thick curly coat
:bulletblack: Ear tufts
:bulletblack: She often naps belly-up, and always wakes up from them angry and confused, but with a warm belly.
:bulletblack: Spends a lot of time in the morning grooming her tail, or else it gets knotty.

|Likes |

Learning new things
Sunny, warm weather

|Dislikes |

Boring cats
Seeing her mother hurt


From The Dawn Eclipse:: TASKS OF TRAINING AND LEARNING :: Nettlenose

The sun broke through the canopy of trees and dappled across the camp, and as pretty as it was, she sort of resented its' presence at that time. She'd been sleeping, the rest of the camp slowly waking up around her as she tried to snag extra moments of rest. Ages ago, it felt like, she'd been able to sleep as long as she wanted, only rising to find food when she was hungry and to chase off anyone who got too close to the area she'd marked off as her own. Now, it wasn't so, and she loved her new life, but that didn't mean that she was going to give up on sleep so easily. No one could argue with the fact that resting was such a wonderful thing, but the rumbling of an empty belly slowly woke her, combined with light dappling over her closed eyes, bright and persistent enough to rouse the warrior from her nest. Stretching, Nettlenose twisted around to smooth down a patch of fur in the middle of her back, groggily scratching as an itch as she woke up the rest of the way. Yawning, and feeling presentable enough-there were still a few stuck-up patches of short, ginger striped fur here and there, but she was too hungry to care-she walked out of the warriors den and gave one last long stretch, her tail curling at the end over her back. There, that felt wonderful. Still a bit sleepy, she glanced at the fresh kill pile before wandering in a different direction, having not reached it but having been close enough to see it's contents well, grumbling. There was nothing there she wanted yet, a bit of a picky eater when she first awoke, and going back to sleep seemed like the best option. Really, the only option until she saw a familiar form outside of the apprentice's den, grooming herself and quite possibly oblivious to the fact that one ginger and cream warrior was up and about. Ah! There was a plan there, forming in her quick mind.

She could get something to eat out of this, and do her job all at the same time. Oh, the joy of multi-tasking, and having an apprentice. There was so much she could get done this way!

She walked over slowly, as quietly as she could be, creeping forward on very careful paws. Moons of running around with her littermate, her brother, had taught her to be eerily quiet when coming up behind someone, or something, whether it be prey, foe or friend, and all of that practice was going to good use here. If her timing had been right, and it had been, she was sure of it, Kestrelpaw had no clue she was there or even awake at all. Coming up beside her, but standing just outside of the younger cat's line of vision, she let out a small, pleased chirp of a noise, a call to attention. "Ready to go, oh apprentice of mine?" Nettlenose purred, looking down at her apprentice excitedly. "I'm thinking hunting, yeah? There's nothing good in the pile, and I'm starving, so you're a bit out of luck if you're not feeling like that. So I'd say finish up with whatever it is you've been doing while I got some beauty sleep, and get ready to go, yeah?" As if to back up her statement, her stomach once again rumbled, feeling emptier than it had before now that food had been temporarily in it's future, and she shot a pointed look at it for emphasis. She was really hungry and it was really time to go.

Looking for:
✔ Note RPs (I'll definitely do these. I'm really familiar with it.)
✘ Chat RPs (I don't really like these, sorry. Tried 'em once and wasn't too found of it)
✔ Skype RPs (I've never done these before, but I think I'd prefer it to a normal chat rp. More personal, but quicker than normal notes)
✘ Comment RPs (Yeah Sorry.)
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Spiderpaw: Nice to meet you darling~<3 <---------Mountain's med cat apprentice. Watch out. He's a sneaky one lD


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